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2 Heartless – Moneybagg!


Memphis seems like it’s the next hot spot on the map for upcoming rappers. It’s a lot of buzz coming from their side of the map with new names such like Blac Youngsta and Young Dolph and Blocboy JB all spear heading the city’s young sound. Moneybagg Yo is making sure not to miss out on the wave and gave us his follow up project 2 Heartless to capitalize even more off of his popular Heartless mixtape. He came again with his personal formula of trap beats and a unique cadence that makes his music stand out from his peers in the trap genre. I can see most of this album being played in the clubs and parties for the rest of the spring (I’m sure he’ll come out with something new for the summer too). A few of the project’s production work was blessed by two giants in the game; Zaytoven and Southside even though their respective appearances combined were limited to only 4 out of the 18 songs. The other producers hold their own but you can definitely tell the difference in artistry when Zaytoven or Southside is brought in. Neither of the producers break from their usual style of beats they’ve become famous for, but they both are very effective within the niche that they’ve made their names in. You can also expect verses from Quavo, Blocboy JB and Lil Baby on the album.


The album doesn’t offer anything too different lyrically or sonically than its predecessor, but it serves its intended purpose well. Heavy bass lines covered with catchy up-tempo lyrics. The beats and hooks really make this album what it is in my opinion and Moneybagg keeps you locked in with his well-timed punchlines. He was able to come up with another anthem-type song with “Big Facts” and from the looks of everybody’s captions and tweets it looks like the term will be here to stay for a while. This album isn’t bad at all but I feel that the first Heartless is a slightly better overall project. To me, this album has the bangers that it needs but songs like “Questions” and “Don’t Kno” are hard to follow up (he comes very close because of “Thoughts” and “Black Heart) but as an artist that’s the challenge you take on as you grow with your music. I only say that because a few of the songs where he talks about his women just seem like extensions of “Don’t Kno” rather than tracks that could stand alone. I was hoping to see a little more of what he can do musically and he did deliver to an extent. His version of trap R&B (what it sounds like to me) gets some spotlight with songs like “Ion Get You” for example. I’ll still be keeping this album in rotation and I’m looking forward to what the Memphis rapper comes with next; his career is still really young in the mainstream. Make sure you check it out and let me know what you think.


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