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Mozzy: Growing With His Music

With his latest EP, “Spiritual Conversations”, I think we are seeing the evolution of the Sacramento native. With only 6 songs in total he gives you a feel of how he’s dealt with life from his humble beginnings to now. Although it’s not my favorite soundtrack from him I’d be wrong to not respect the growth that he’s shown musically in the past few years. Gang culture will always be apart of his music and who he is but he’s recently been using his background to shed light on a broader scope of issues now that he’s in the public eye. His feature on Kendrick Lamar’s “Seasons” is a prime example of his level of awareness and maturity showing along with his “Kick the Cup Challenge” that he posted to his Instagram. I think it’s good that he’s taking time to reassess his priorities in life while showing that internal process to his listeners with projects like this.

The EP is both introspective and retrospective at the same time as he gives recollections of his past and how they’ve formed his outlook on life in general. I think it’s beneficial to note that he doesn’t romanticize what he’s done and seen but he gives you a real picture of what a destructive environment can do to you and your loved ones. In the end, I think this will serve as a glimpse into his character and inner struggles for his real fans to tap in to rather than a project he’s expecting to do crazy numbers like his album. Every artist has that one song or body of work that they use to vent and I think that “Spiritual Conversations” falls within that realm. G-Therapy.

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