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It’s Time to Let the Legends Rest In Peace

Every time a new artist emerges and gets a bit of fame the same question comes up when he/she gets their first interview. Every time that an artist wants to get a bit of attention for a project they mention this name. Every single time. When are we as a culture going to let this topic go to rest? When are we going to require our artists to come with something original and to stop piggy backing off the work of another man? We’re tired of seeing your albums and mixtapes fused with Tupac’s name. We’re tired of hearing your irrelevant thoughts on him, especially if you’re 2 seconds into the limelight with no catalog outside of your SoundCloud page. A legacy that was solidified years ago is not reliant on the opinion of anyone from the mumble rap generation or any generation before it. Every interviewer that has run out of original and real thought provoking questions for new talent resorts to the one question that they know will provoke an uproar if answered the wrong way. Along with that, sometimes you see the people that are thirsty for views on their pages and they resort to discrediting a dead man’s legacy. Why? I hate to see the culture enter this loop of constant reflection because we won’t allow the genre to grow if we constantly look backwards. Yes, we know Tupac was a legend for rap and yes we know he should be respected and studied by any one who wants to make a name for themselves in hip hop but can we please move on from this tired out discussion? Any rapper 21 and under should not be drilled about why Tupac is not in their top 5 artists of all time or why Tupac is not their favorite rapper. You almost know what the answer will be. He wasn’t apart of our era. Plain and simple. Just like it’s completely possible for someone to like Lebron over Jordan because that’s who they grew up watching. Let it go. The culture is supposed to evolve and these old heads in the game are stunting that growth by holding it to a standard that doesn’t evolve with it’s fan base. Of course, dumb comments like Lil Xan’s and Greedo’s should be checked on sight but it’s time to move away from these stone age standards that have been set. Stop setting up these click bait type questions for views and start focusing in on the music.





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